The 10 golden rules for Green Roof design

1. Know the permissible load of the structure and do not exceed it until the end of the work!

2. Design and implement the correct waterproofing system and protect it until the project is completed!

After the end of the work the Green Roof will protect the waterproofing system.

3. Find the balance between retaining and delaying (buffering) as much free clean rainwater as possible and quickly draining the water that is in excess!

4. Use only HIPS drainage composite (never separate layers or HDPE)!

5. Always use a waterproof layer of hydrophilic mineral wool!

This is valid both in extensive roofs (because of the huge difference in water retention) and in intensive roofs (mainly to prevent clogging of the geotextile by the small particles of the intensive substrate, which almost always includes soil, treated or/and enriched).

6. Use the right substrate and vegetation!

7. Design all details correctly and monitor their implementation!

8. Find and work with the right fellow designers, supervisors and contractors!

9. Explain to the client what he wants 🙂 !

And don’t accept projects without a green roof!

10. Make your first green roof!

Then you will like it so much that you will never make “non-green” roofs.