Green roofs

This website will help you in designing your Green roofs and Parking roofs!

The 10 golden rules for Green Roof design!

Information about Green roofs in Europe:

BuGG-Market Report on Building Greening, 2021
Green Roofs, Green Facades and Interior Greening in Germany

Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e. V. (BuGG),
German Association of Building Greening

Dr. Gunter Mann, Rebecca Gohlke und Fiona Wolff
Supported by Rebekka Renneberg, Michelle Bruchmüller, Susanne Herfort, Simone Luck, Felix Mollenhauer, Paul Struß, Sylvia van Meegen, Laura Vötig and Tina Weigel

BuGG Market Report on Building Greening 2021

Green roofs in Basel, Switzerland: combining mitigation and adaptation measures, 2020

Zurich University of Applied Sciences Wädenswil (ZHAW) and Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns (GRaBS) project

Green roofs in Basel, Switzerland - combining mitigation and adaptation measures, 2020

London report “Living Roofs and Walls – from policy to practice. 10 years of urban greening in London and beyond”, 2019

Published by the European Federation of Green Roof and Green Wall Associations (EFB) and on behalf of the Greater London Authority, written by Gary Grant and Dusty Gedge of The Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd (GIC).

London Living roofs & walls report, 2019

Green Roof Growing Substrates: Types, Ingredients,
Composition and Properties

Peter A.Y. Ampim, John J. Sloan, Raul I. Cabrera, Derald A. Harp, and Fouad H. Jaber – Texas A & M University
AgriLife Research and Extension Urban Solutions Center,Dallas, TX 75252

Much more to come!

Here you will find information about:

Prerequisites for designing a green roof and parking-roof:

  • Advantages and characteristics of different types of roofs
  • Current building standards
  • Types of loads
  • Types of roofs (cold, warm, “inverted” and without thermal insulation)
  • Types of thermal insulation systems
  • Details (on board, on facade, water intakes and other roof elements)
  • Roof slopes
  • Roof drainage
  • Fall protection
  • Fire protection
  • Wind load
  • Maintenance of roofs

Designing the different types of green roofs and parking roofs:

  • Structure
  • Recommended characteristics of drainage composites
  • Sizing the drainage system